About Star Bright Academy

Here at Star Bright Academy, we believe that every child is both unique and special. Everything from their individual learning style to their distinct personality that they bring to the world is celebrated at our Academy.

We know that when presented with the right, warm environment to learn in, EVERY child is capable of meeting their full potential and being successful.

 Through a variety of enriched hands-on experiences that teach to the whole child, we at Star Bright Academy will meet your child where they are at developmentally and will help nurture your child’s natural wonders about the world around them.

Our program’s primary focus is to help instill in every child a lifelong love of learning, and to do so by creating an environment where they are confident and able to shine BRIGHT!

Sign your child up for Star Bright Academy today….Where every child is a star who shines!!

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  • Fresh snacks and beverages for everyone
  • Over 1 000 visitors for the last year

Our Team of Professionals

Julia Mann
Lead Teachers
Christine Miller
The Director
Amy Lee
Sally Parker
Jenny Moore

Meet the Founder of Star Bright Academy

Bené Lederer

My name is Bené Lederer and I am the proud founder of Star Bright Academy. Nearly my whole life, I have had an undeniable passion for teaching and helping young children to meet their full potential in an engaging and enriching way. Since my early years as a child in Michigan, I would spend my free time organizing programs and activities for all of the neighborhood children.

Whether I was running my own babysitters club out of my basement or teaching swim lessons in my backyard, I loved the thrill of seeing children thrive. These early endeavors only further ignited my passion and I went on to be a camp counselor and later work at a local child care facility.

For me, there was no greater joy than seeing their young minds develop as they embraced a love of learning and enthusiastically studied the world around them. I knew from those early days on that teaching children would become my life’s mission.

I went on to receive my teaching license in Elementary Education and graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Michigan University. I then attended Oakland University where I received my Masters in Early Childhood Education. Immediately upon graduation, I began working as a first grade teacher at Hillel Day School in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Here I was asked to be my grade’s team leader and served on the board of several committees.

During my years there, I sought out every opportunity to attend professional development workshops where I was able to further master my skills and expertise as a classroom teacher. I worked collaboratively with my team and administration to redesign and develop new curriculum, and to help advance the program further.

I eventually made a move to Chicago where I spent 12 years teaching at another private school. Here, I was a mentor for new teachers, a team leader for my grade and an active member of their responsive classroom training program.

My love for teaching was not limited just to the classroom environment. I sought out any opportunity I could to help foster children’s love of learning. Whether I was coaching a 6th grade soccer team, or running book clubs for young readers, tutoring various grades, or teaching tennis lessons on the weekend, I was always fully invested in helping these children to reach their full potential as learners. And all along the way I  was also instilling in them a true love for learning.

Post Covid I created a small day camp where children of all ages engaged in fun themed activities such as  water play, creative group games, art projects and science experiments. I just never wanted to miss a single opportunity for growth and to help shape the young minds of our future.

I am a strong believer that every child is capable of meeting their full potential with the right team supporting them.

I believe full heartedly that with both my abundant years of experience and my unwavering passion for children that I will be able to provide your child with the experiences to help them shine while also instilling in them a lifelong love of learning.

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Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 10am – 4.30pm
Sat: 9.30am – 3.00pm
Sun: 10.00 am – 3.00pm
Public Holidays: as advertised