Best tutoring sessions for children

Is your child struggling in one or more subjects in school? Is it a battle every night trying to help them with their homework? Is your child and/or you highly frustrated and do not know what else you can do? I can help address all of these issues and more with my one on one personalized tutoring sessions.

My name is Bené Lederer. For nearly my whole life I have been fortunate to teach children of varying ages in a variety of capacities….making my dreams come true! Utilizing my Master’s in Early Childhood Development, I have spent the last 16 years in the classroom teaching first grade, along with tutoring elementary aged children.

With my years of experience, up to date knowledge of curriculum/standards, and overall passion to teach, I will be able to help your child succeed and meet their full potential, while feeling confident in themselves. Through the use of hands-on materials and games, your child will actually have fun too and hopefully begin to develop,or further nurture, a true love for learning!

What makes tutoring with Ms. Lederer unique and an invaluable opportunity? When working with your child I will take the time to truly get to know them both socially and as a learner. No matter what they are struggling with, I will differentiate my instruction to meet their individual needs and provide them with instruction that works best for them.

I will also communicate with their teachers as well as parents/guardians/caretakers on a consistent basis, to make sure that we are all on the same page and providing your child with the very best instruction!

Please reach out for further details and so I can hear more about what you are looking for in getting your child some support.

Personalized tutoring sessions for kids

Help your child succeed and shine BRIGHT, by booking tutoring sessions with STAR BRIGHT ACADEMY today!

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

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