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Our hopes here at Star Bright Academy, is to help children develop a true love for reading, and having your child participate in a book club is a great way to instill this excitement in them. Once your child is registered, we will place them with a group of similar grade level peers. We will meet once a week to read together and do engaging activities/projects with the text.

These activities will help to strengthen your child’s reading skills, including deepening their comprehension tactics, all while having fun! Example activities include re-enacting favorite scenes via puppet shows, creating a commercial for the book that they read, creating their own trivia game or song about what they read,  creating a comic strip of their favorite scene, planning a birthday party for the main character, etc.

Who: children in grades kindergarten through 5th grade. Your child does not need to be reading yet to participate.

If you already  have a group of kids that you would like to organize a book club with, perfect. If you don’t have any peers in mind however, we will place your child in a group with others who are around their grade level. 

When: We will meet once a week for an hour. Days of the week and starting time are Flexible.

Pricing: $25 per child per meeting or $115 per 5 week session. Price includes all materials and a snack.

Book reading for children
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Opening Hours

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